Stockholm 2016


Stockholm 2016: The story so far (1 January 2016)

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Each month keeps you informed of the latest complications in Eurovision country, with a brief overview of the latest news. Similarly on the first day by 2016.

We now know of nine of the 43 participating countries the candidates all. Russia is represented by local superstar Sergey Lazarev, and ex-Soviet State Georgia opts for an indie band with the roguish name Young Georgian Lolitaz. At the end of december was as familiar time for the Albanian Festivali i Këngësmusic festival, featuring only songs in Albanian and accompanied by an orchestra. The jury chose singer Eneda Tarifa and her song Përrallë, meaning ‘ fairy tale ‘ means. Or we will hear that song in that version also in Stockholm, remains to be seen. So would Eneda plan her song to translate to English. All facts about the already chosen participants can be found on our Candidates page. reported exclusive over the recent redundancies at the EBU, and they also made the split results of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest by 2015. The Maltese Destiny turned out both the televoting as having won the jurysteming smoothly. More detailed you will find the results on this page. The Swedish host broadcaster SVT made known at a press conference that Petra Fellow like in 2013 will present the Eurovision Song Contest. This time she not solo, because she is joined by Måns Zelmerlöw, the winner of the last edition.

Spain, Austria, Italy, Lithuania, Moldova, Ukraine, Estonia, Malta and Iceland more information made known about their respective national finals. The month of February hit already pretty full already in preliminary rounds, with five scheduled finals on the same Saturday night 27 February. It is for Eurovision fans especially look forward to the return of Ira Losco to the heat in Malta. In 2002 she was second in the Eurovision song contest in Tallinn with 7th Wonder.

About eurosong 2016 were announced that drop by drop the six experts in the three planned broadcasts skillfully judge will pass on the performances of the five selected candidates. There are three duos: Alexander Rybak and Stijn Kolacny, Tom Helsen and Beverly Jo Scott and Christer Björkman and Hadise.

This month is decisive for Belgium on the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest: the next three Sunday nights eurosong 2016 takes place, live on One. We will also know the songs from Belarus and Malta, and on 25 January, all eyes are already on Stockholm focused. Then find namely the so-called random allocation draw place, in which is determined in which half of the countries which semi-final that was not among the six countries are placed automatically will participate.