Jon Ola Sand: ‘ never experienced anything like it ‘

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Jon Ola Sand, the executive supervisor of the Eurovision Song Contest, has for the first time formally clarify the chaos in Ukraine about the organisation of the competition this year. This he did to Norwegian broadcaster NRK. That is no coincidence, because Sand is a Norwegian.

The 55-year-old Sand gave an interview to the NRK in which he freely talks about the disorder at the host country of the 62nd song festival. ‘ It’s been a very difficult year , with many challenges we have to overcome and had to ‘, he admits. ‘ I have never experienced such a situation as in Ukraine. The ticket sale has been postponed several times, and neither the exposure, the stage design or the sound system has been on point. ‘

Last week stepped up to 21 members of the organizing team on from dissatisfaction with the rules imposed by Ukrainian broadcaster and Government. Today became known that the Swede Christer Björkman defend will jump to keep everything on track. The problem runs deeper than just a completely different tv and organizational culture in Ukraine, says Sand: ‘ there is also a number of individual conflicts that rears its head and everything affects. At the State broadcaster is also been a real musical chairs, and that ensures that others go out of sympathy. ‘

Government interference The Ukrainian Government is to interfere with the song contest, to ensure that everything will run smoothly. ‘ We work closely with the Government, and have better control over all processes. There is no doubt that there is a huge need of Ukrainian side every success ‘, Sand.

Nevertheless, the executive supervisor convinced that the contest will just continue on the scheduled dates, 9, 11 and 13 may. ‘ There’s not much time left. We have per hour, and do everything we can to ensure that the three shows on antenna. And that will also give us succeed ‘, it sounds positive.

Jon Ola Sand is since the Eurovision song contest 2011 the executive supervisor of the Eurovision Song Contest. Since 2016 is he of the Junior version.