Stockholm 2016


Alexander Ivanov represents Belarus in Stockholm

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Tonight was in Belarus the number for Stockholm. Alexander Ivanov will represent the country in Stockholm.

Tonight you could on two channels of the Belarusian State broadcaster the final following Евровидение-2016. The show started at 8 pm and was hosted by Olga Ryzhikova & Teo. The latter we know of his contribution Cheesecake from 2014. The rash was completely determined by televoting.

During the show, which contained more commercials than heat numbers, the fight was fought between ten songs that were previously marked by a jury.

Alexander Ivanov finally with the song How to Fly it from the competition. The song is sung entirely in English and is a modern rock-like pop song. The act itself remains quite monotonous with a singer who what static behind his microphone.

The interval Act was graced by Alyona Lanskaya, who won in 2013 a 16th place in the Eurovision song contest with the song Solayoh.

The winning number, you can view and listen to below.

The final order in which the songs ended up in the table below.

# Artist Number Place
1 Alexey Gross Flame 5
2 Sasha Zakharik Glory Night 10
3 Jayakumar Sadovskaya Not Alone 8
4 Radiovolna Radio Wave 9
5 The EM Turn Around 7
6 NAVI Heta ziamlia 4
7 Alexander Ivanov How to Fly 1
8 Anastasiya Malashkevich Pray for Love 6
9 Kirill Yermakov Running to the Sun 3
10 NAPOLI My Universe 2