Stockholm 2016 rehearsals


1st rehearsal day: Finland, Greece, Moldova

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We cross the first rehearsal day of shore with the first rehearsals of Finland, Greece and Moldova



May Sandhja first in line with her song Sing it away. They will be accompanied by five dancers/backing vocals that the necessary dynamics. It is clear that they like to save her voice because she is still not really in full. She wears a light blue pantsuit and striking, glittering accessories to bring attention to her hold. The dancers are dressed in sober black and involve microphones on stands (little Kate Ryan-wise, though without built-in fluorescent lamps) in the act.

Greece fin1


Unfortunately, image without sound in the press centre during the rehearsal of Greece so it is difficult to form a good general overview. All the performers are dressed in white and the act opens with a solo on a local instrument. There is also a bass drum to see and a melting pot of different dance styles. In the end may be a Sirtaki-like valve .

Moldova gr1


The sound problems were resolved at the last minute and we could just see the vocal qualities of Lidia Isac beöordelen. On some extendable after a successful first rehearsal. The act begins sober, fitting to its neutral, beige dress. The austerity is broken when a man in spacesuit suddenly appears behind her. She takes his helmet off after which the astronaut rested to some break-dance moves.


Photos: Andres Putting-Thomas