Mihai Traistariu: ‘ I can win ‘ song festival

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Romania participated in the Eurovision song contest since 1994. The country finished in top 5 three times, including in 2006 when the festival was held in Athens and Mihai Traistariu on the fourth place ended with the song Tornero. Last week you could read here that the Romanian wants to return to the European stage. He gave an exclusive interview to

Mihai Traistariu is a great songfestivalfan. ‘ My earliest memory was when I was 16 and the festival with my family looked at, along with a big bag of popcorn. When I dreamed of being a big star to be ‘, according to the Romanian who are his participation in 2006 still vividly recalls. ‘ Anna Vissi which kissed me, hundreds of journalists who asked me for interviews, Greek radio stations that played the song Tornero , love in the Eurovision community and also the tears on my face when I had sung in the final ‘, so think Traistariu back to his adventure. After two weeks, all the emotions he experienced, the disillusionment came a day after the final when his mother died.

Already in Athens he told everyone that he would ever return to the contest and would prevail. Tornero ‘ return means in Italian, so here I am. I’m better, more confident, even sexier than ever ‘, says the Romanianste 36 this month anniversary. Traistariu has its song for Stockholm ready: Paradisio. ‘ It’s a positive up tempo song, ideal for radio stations, clubs and also the Eurovision song contest. I have ten years been waiting for this song because I wanted to return earlier. The mainly English-language song is perfect for my high voice and with it I hope to convince both the public and the juries. I truly believe that I can win the contest and Romanian music history can write, ‘ says Traistariu who with his exceptional vocal range of five octaves even the Guinness Book of World Records and also called the male Mariah Carey.

For the time being, it is unclear whether he should attend the national round. ‘ There are no rules known, but for me, that doesn’t matter. It’s not easy to get a national final to win, but I believe that with Paradisio succeeds. It’s really the perfect song, with a very modern sound and melody ‘, says the Romanian who won numerous awards in his home country. This month he focuses on the canning of the video clip, only after new year, we should expect the song. ‘Paradisio will be the main song on my fourteenth album Change. First comes the release of Zombie Love coming, ‘ says Traistariu.

Finally, we laid the enthusiastic Romanian some short questions for. Asked about his favourite Eurovision Song he answers somewhat surprisingly Elnur Huseynov with Hour of the Wolf from Azerbaijan (2015). His favorite Romanian entry was his predecessor, Luminita Anghel & Sistem with Let Me Try (2005). He has especially high praise for Kate Ryan, one of his competitors in Athens at the time. ‘ She is a great artist. I watch her often via YouTube and find them great. That was certainly your best submission. I found it very bizarre that they got no more points ‘, recalls Traistariu itself.

What is Traistariu’s message for the readers of ‘ I am like you a big fan of the Eurovision song contest. I promise you that I will visit Belgium to propose to you to Paradisio , just like I did at the song Tornero. I hope I to your expectations. I really want to win this year, I have your support so really need “, he concludes.

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