Stockholm 2016 rehearsals


2nd rehearsal day: Azerbaijan, Estonia, Montenegro

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Rehearsals continue with the first time on stage by Jüri Pootsmann, Samra and Highway.



Jüri Pootsmann bears a striking blue suit and glasses. The singer convinces in the first rehearsal is not functioning properly. Vocal is there is still work to be done, and he needs to get some better learn the way to the cameras. The stage has yellow and brown tones and has, flanked by all kinds of red-colored patterns. Playing cards are the central theme in the act. Jüri will still have to lend a hand, stepping up in the second rehearsal.



Samra is a pleasant appearance, but that is the most positive said. Her vocal presentations seem to have a bad day, but also the occurrence and camera work are rather messy. The stage is dark with yellow flashes that appear on lightning strikes. The singer is flanked by four dancers, who with their mic-stands play like that ten years ago at the backings of Kate Ryan happened. A harbinger?

Montenegro Samra


The Highway group copy his video clip literally to the Eurovision stage. The whole is very match report about it. The stage setting is very dark, making the performers themselves barely into focus. There is thus no single connection or interaction with each other and with the viewers at home. The Real Thing comes not from the paint during the first rehearsal, and threatens to drown during the other songs during the live final.


Photos: Andres Putting – Thomas Hanses –