The soundtrack of for a romantic Valentine

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Lovers all over the world celebrate Valentine’s day today. At we do lustig with it and on the perfect soundtrack for a romantic Valentine. Twelve songs about the most Sung about topic: love.

Do we start at our northern neighbors who two years ago high peaks scored with The Common Linnets. With Calm After The Storm packed Ilse DeLange and Waylon the European Viewer in and finished second in Copenhagen. So in love with each other at the time makes them in reality turned out to be their professional collaboration not about roses to go and it came to a break. Close The Common Linnets in May their theater tour in the City Theatre of Antwerp.

We remain in Netherlands, but go back in time. In 1981 tried maribelle taken a look at the song contest, but it was only in 1984 did they look effective in. She was 13th and got a lot of criticism on the dress with striking pink bow. They had those in extremis purchased in Luxembourg since the original white dress has caused you any trouble for the exposure. I love you was still successfully covered by Gordon, Dana Winner and Osama Hafez.

A bit further back in time, in 1973, Spain was represented by the group Mocedades. They were second and scored a worldwide hit with Eres Tú that Eurovision has become a classic of format. It is, moreover, become a regular customer in the annual Radio 2 Top 2000.

We remain in Spain where Nina in 1989 the country represented. They brought Mitch Para Amar or Born to love. The song was composed by Juan Carlos Calderón, who did the same for Eres Tú. Nina finished in sixth place in Lausanne.

We don’t need you no more Celine Dion . Her career was launched thanks to her Eurovision victory in 1988 with Ne Partez Pas Sans Moi. The French Canadian Nightingale grew in the 1990s from an absolute star. In June you can admire her in the Sports Palace.

In 2013 the Italian Marco Mengoni scored a hit with L’Essenziale after he had won the festival of Sanremo . It was from 1997 since the winning song of Sanremo to the Eurovision song contest. In Malmö, he made a rather apatische impression on stage, Mengoni finished seventh.

Still from that year we cherish fine memories of Krista Siegfrids. She took it in her song also for same-sex marriage when its not everywhere – see Greek and Turkish press – in thanks was taken. That also applied to the lesbian kiss on stage. ‘ Nothing can stop me ‘, it sounded at Siegfrids.

A year later did Carl Espen participated in the song festival with Silent Storm. He wonders aloud what is still in its path and hopes that someone will catch him. With an eighth place did the Norwegian it not bad.

Bob played a home game in 2014 and put a smile on everyone’s face with his Bruno Mars-like rendition of Cliché Love Song. It ended up a place lower than Carl Espen.

From 1978 remember we our compatriot Jean Vallée which L’amour ça fait chanter la vie brought in Paris. He recorded a second place with a song in which he sings of the wonderful effects of love.

In 2006 brought Kate Ryan Je t’adore, a song from the Swedish school. Unfortunately it was not a success in Athens, but our compatriot was a European hit.

This stylish valentijnslijst is closed by Svetlana Loboda that the crisis tried to stop – and that may call you literally take – with Be My Valentine. The Ukrainian finished twelfth in 2009 in Moscowwith it there.